Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Crystal Spheres

Title: The Crystal Spheres
Author: David Brin
Published: Analog, 1984
Genre: Science fiction, short story

Rating: 8/10

Thoughts: I felt a bit frustrated as the start of the story by the author throwing around future-world terminology without explaining what it means. However, in a way that was part of building tension for the story, this discovery of what the author is talking about and it was effective.

In the story, a group of deepspacers travels to a planet whose crystal sphere has shattered. I will let the story tell you what that means, but in a nutshell it is a SETI-themed story that is told quite well. It examines human psychology when it comes to finding new species and living in the stars. Overall, a well-written story with a nice thought-through ending.

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  1. I've gotten feedback from several people who read this one over the weekend and I will definitely be checking it out!