Sunday, March 1, 2009

February Recap

February is a short month to start with and this one went by really fast for me. A lot of the reading got done on a plane during my vacation, so I actually made it to my target figure of 4 books this month. Also very excited about Dollhouse coming out this month, I really hope it stays on air longer than Firefly did.

Quite a bit of diversity in my reading this month too. I hopped from fantasy, to sci-fi, to children lit, to urban fantasy. It's nice to have a variety of books handy, I usually have quite a few epic/heroic fantasy novels in my queue, but I was not in the mood for these in February.

Here's the tally for the month.

Books Read: 4
  1. Caine Black Knife by Matthew Woodring Stover
  2. The Outback Stars by Sandra McDonald
  3. The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman
  4. One More Bite by Jennifer Rardin
Favorite Book: The Outback Stars

Stories Read: 1
  1. Lost and Found by Sandra McDonald
Male: 2
Female: 2

Posts: 15

This month commeters are (in blog post order):
Smirking Revenge, SparklingBlue, Carl V., wend, Andrey, ediFanoB

Thanks for replying to the posts! Always much appreciated :)

Search Queries
The most popular query this month leading to this blog is "the republic of thieves delay". Lots of disappointed fans are searching the web for information about what's happening with The Republic of Thieves. Well, let's hope Scott Lynch's new installment is worth the wait.


  1. This month really did fly by, didn't it. Add to that my disappearing from the blog world for a few weeks due to overwhelming work issues and the month seems almost nonexistent!

    What have you thought of Dollhouse so far. I haven't seen any, but all but one of my Joss Whedon fan friends are really disappointed.

  2. I've watched all three episodes so far and I like it. I am starting to feel like I am in minority here, but I find the episodes are actually fun. I do have some trouble not thinking of Eliza Dushku is Faith.

    The thing is, after watching first four Buffy episodes I thought Buffy was not worth watching. But due to the insistence of some friends I stuck with it and ended up watching all seven seasons in under a month because I just couldn't stop.

    And I think that Dollhouse has started off better than that and there's plenty of interesting directions for it to go. I just hope the show won't get canceled before we get to the really good parts. I feel like a lot of fans are upset because it has a different feel from some of the previous shows Whedon did, but I think Dollhouse is excellent in its own way.

    I suggest you give it a try. It's on Hulu.

  3. I really like Eliza Dushku and probably will give it a try at some point, but it probably won't be until after I am sure it isn't going to be prematurely canceled and I have more faith that the show gets better. I'm just the kind of television viewer who is not good for the medium. I would much rather wait until the whole season is done and then catch it on DVD then wait week by week. If I get hooked on a show, that is different, but I am not a big tv watcher so I don't often allow myself to get hooked.

  4. I find the experience of watching many episodes of a show in a row is often better than 1 hour once a week. But there are some things I just cannot wait that long for :)