Friday, February 27, 2009

Kim Harrison and White Witch, Black Curse

Kim Harrison is doing a book tour for the seventh book in The Hollows series. White Witch, Black Curse just came out a few days ago and since I've enjoyed The Outlaw Demon Wails and all the previous books I went to get my book signed by Kim Harrison and listen to her read an excerpt of the new novel.

I expected her to read a longer excerpt, but she read only about a page and a half from the beginning of chapter 3. To be precise there was also singing involved and she was doing both very well. I could absolutely visualize the scene and she read the characters the way I imagine them to speak.

After the reading, there was a fairly long Q & A session where Kim answered questions about how she writes, why she chose the character names she did, and which why the titles are modeled after Clint Eastwood movies. I imagine most of these answers can be found on her website.

Regarding the future books in The Hollows series, she mentioned that she already has a draft of book 9 of the series (White Witch, Black Curse is book 7), so she's writing pretty far ahead of her publishing schedule. Kim also said there is an end for the series in her sight and she is not planning to prolong the series beyond the planned ending (which may or may not happen in book 9).

The marketing campaign for this book involved getting a pack of Angel tomato seeds with book purchase. During the book signing Kim hinted that she is planning a contest for the best tomato plant. Above is a picture of my newly purchased White Witch, Black Curse signed "To Maria Revenge, Served Hot Kim Harrison" and the seeds that came with the book.

I am starting to read the book now, so the review for White Witch, Black Curse is coming soon. And to finish with a random bit of gossip: Kim Harrison wears incredibly bright green contact lenses.

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