Saturday, March 21, 2009

Neil Gaiman on The Colbert Report

Carrying over with the Neil Gaiman theme from last weekend, here's a funny video of Neil Gaiman on The Colbert Report.

I found it funny that the very first sentiment aired about The Graveyard Book is the very first thing my mom brought up when I got her to try the book. The start of the book is quite dark, but I see plenty of 10-14 year olds watching horror movies, or forget horror, any action movie these days has plenty of killing and blood in it.

I agree, this is not a book to be read to a 6 year old child before bed, but I am sure that a slightly older audience has probably seen more violence in the video games they play. So the dark beginning of the book being brought up all the time is somewhat surprising.

There were certainly some good responses from Neil Gaiman on the show. I really hope to catch him doing a live talk in these parts sometime. And I still haven't gotten to listening him read his books, but I am planning to.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I had heard about it but hadn't seen it yet. Very fun. I love that guy. You are really in for a treat the first time you hear Neil read one of his own stories. Absolutely wonderful.