Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Heat Wave

Title: Heat Wave
Author: Richard Castle (fictional)
Genre: Mystery
Published: 2009

Recommendation: For hardcore Castle fans only.
Rating: 7/10

Summary: Nikki Heat is a NYPD detective, who has the journalist Jameson Rook tag along on her cases to help his writing. In Heat Wave, she and Jameson investigate the murder of a real-estate tycoon who falls to his death from the 6th floor of his apartment building.

Reactions: I have to start by saying that I've resisted buying this book for quite some time. I watch the TV show Castle on regular basis and I noticed this book in the stores when it first came out and thought it was pretty cute. The cute part stems from the author of the book being Richard Castle who is a fictional novel writer on the TV show. That's a pretty cute marketing move, taken all the way. There is no mention of the real book author and the biography on the back is the biography of fictional Richard Castle.

I resisted buying the book because I assumed that like all other books based on TV/movies it would be pretty bad. However, looking for some light reading a few days ago, I came upon the book again and this time decided it was just what I was in the mood for. Turns out, it's not nearly as bad as I feared and it fit the entertainment bill quite well.

Having said that, this is hardly a book I would recommend buying to someone who has never seen the show. It reads almost as a show episode in book form. The emphasis is very much on the action, you get into the characters' heads as much as you would by reading their facial impressions on the show. There's a very similar level of banter and the mystery is about as involved as one on an episode of Castle.

Altogether, it's quick fun book which follows the characters very, very closely to those of the show. Mr. Castle becomes Mr. Rook (hah!) and detectives get new names, but otherwise it's business as usual. I would say this would only be of interest to the fans of the show -- the ones who just can't wait for the next episode.

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