Monday, December 27, 2010

2nd Chance

Title: 2nd Chance
Author: James Patterson with Andrew Cross
Series: The Women's Murder Club, book 2
Genre: Mystery
Published: 2002

Recommendation: A mystery novel, fairly similar to the first book in the series.
Rating: 7/10

Summary: Lindsay is called to investigate a shooting at a church where a child is killed. Soon the murder is tied to another one and the two ties seem to be that all victims are black and related to SF police department. At the same time, Lindsay's father reappears after 20 years and invites himself back into her life.

Reactions: I picked up the next book in the series -- seems like I've got a taste for mysteries lately. The book starts up a few months after the first book with Lindsay already promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and recuperating from the last ordeal.

All in all the second novel in the series turned out to be very similar to the first one. So similar in fact, that it's a little disappointing. There is a thoroughly perverted killer once again and the twist at the end seems pretty similar to the plot of the first book. At the end of it all, I didn't even feel like the motive was really there.

The plot is still interesting and following the investigation was fun, but I found there was too much drama in everyone's life at the same time. All these events occurred way too often and I still don't feel like I can entirely relate to the character ensemble. I like the main character, but the rest of them still don't come off as realistic people to me. But now that the main character is interesting, I am somewhat tempted to keep reading to see what happens to her next.

All in all, a decent fast read with all the required mystery, drama, and romance. Yet somewhat disappointing in its formulaic story telling and places where the suspension of disbelief failed me.

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