Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Breath of Snow And Ashes

Title: A Breath of Snow and Ashes
Author: Diana Gabaldon
Series: Outlander, book 6
Genre: Historical fiction
Published: 2005

Rating: 7.5/10
Recommendation: Anyone who got this far in the series will enjoy the book.

Summary: The revolution approaches and Jamie & Claire cannot ignore it any longer. They prepare for the oncoming conflict as well as fight plenty of battles closer to home. And the time at which their death was reported is looming closer and closer.

Reactions: So far this month continues to be all about Diana Gabaldon. I immediately started reading A Breath of Snow and Ashes after The Fiery Cross and I finished it within 10 days. The speed with which I completed the book is entirely representative of what I thought of the plot: it was fast paced, enjoyable, and gripped me until the end.

I cannot say that the book is formed as one big solid plot arch, but rather a number of smaller events. Yet, compared to the previous book in the series, the plot stayed much more on track. We got to see a resolution to a whole lot of conflicts started in earlier books: Stephen Bonnet, the relationship between Roger and Brianna, Malva's apprenticeship with Claire, Mrs. Cameron's gold, and the death notice in the newspaper. I was quite satisfied with the ending and while I will definitely be reading the latest book in the series, An Echo in the Bone, I don't feel the need to start on it immediately.

In some ways this book is educational for me as well. I know only a bare minimum about the American revolution and I feel the book is giving me insight into the period in a much more entertaining way than a history textbook would have. I just hope the facts are not completely inaccurate, but I suspect a lot of research has gone into this book to make it believable even to those who know more about the revolution than I do.

Overall, it was a very pleasing experience to get back to the characters, follow their lives once again, and continue with their adventures. The main characters are the reason I keep coming back to the book and I will be looking forward to their future adventures.


  1. In case you don't know, the new Book is out--An Echo in the Bone. I recommend it. It has four story lines which was frustrating for me at first, I think I could have enjoyed the first part more if I had kept that in mind. Cheryl

  2. Thanks. I have the book, but then I have seen the discussions around various blogs lamenting how disappointing the next book is. Now I am a little hesitant to pick it up because I really want to read about Claire and Jaimie, not about Brianna. Well, I guess we'll see.