Friday, May 1, 2009

April Recap

I was very sure I would get through more books this month, but once again I finish the month with only three books completed. Well, at least the reading was quite rewarding. The Shadow of the Wind is the best book I've read this year and it felt great to immerse myself in Zafon's world. I am also making my way through Eclipse Two anthology, so there will be more short story reviews forthcoming. But here's the tally for the month:

Books Read: 3
  1. Five on Kirrin Island Again by Enid Blyton
  2. Daemon by Daniel Suarez
  3. The Shadow of the Wind by Carlor Ruiz Zafon
Favorite book: The Shadow of the Wind

Stories Read: 4
  1. The Candidate by Jack McDevitt
  2. Exhalation by Ted Chiang
  3. Michael Laurits is: Drowning by Paul Cornell
  4. Elevator by Nancy Kress
Favorite story: The Candidate

Male: 5
Female: 2

Posts: 10

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