Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March Recap

An even slower month for reading than February! I got a bit bogged down with Daemon and eventually ended up picking up a couple of more fun/easier reads that suited my mood better. Still, a little bit behind on my 50 books this year reading goal.

Books Read: 3
  1. White Witch, Black Curse
  2. Plum Spooky
  3. Five Go Off in a Caravan
Favorite book: White Witch, Black Curse

Stories Read: 1
  1. How To Talk To Girls At Parties
Male: 1
Female 3

Posts: 8

Thanks to Carl V., wend, Andrey, and Seanpile for commenting!


  1. March was actually my biggest reading month, but that isn't saying much. By the end of March I had read as many books as I read in January alone last year. I realize it is quality, and not quantity, but still...what have I been doing?

  2. Life does have this unfortunate tendency to interfere with reading ;)