Monday, July 16, 2012


Title: Heartless
Author: Gail Carriger
Series: Alexia Tarabotti, book 4
Genre: Steampunk
Published: 2011

Recommendation: If you liked the last 3, you will enjoy this one too.
Rating: 7/10

Summary: Alexia is 8-month pregnant and waddles rather than walks around. She cannot stop moving however, since there are attacks on her life, a plot to kill the queen, and zombie hedgehogs around. Lots of mayhem ensues.

Reactions: I decided to keep up this month's book count by choosing a quick weekend read. Heartless absolutely fits the bill by being short, tongue-in-cheek, non-stop adventure. I cannot say that there was anything particularly outstanding about this installment in the series, but it was enjoyable as usual and entertained me well for the evening. This may be the shortest review ever written, but I really don't have more to say without just discussing plot events in spoiler fashion. If you haven't read the series, but a Victorian era urban fantasy with British humor appeals to you, then see my review for book 1.

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