Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Recap

My big hopes for reading a ton in April just didn't come through. Despite a week's vacation that included lots of travel time, I only finished two books. Both were installments in the series I've been reading, so I guess this blog is not a very exciting place at the moment.

  1. Master of Heathcrest Hall by Galen Beckett
  2. A Red Herring Without Mustard by Alan Bradley
I can't even pick a favorite book this month since I enjoyed both of them, but wasn't swept off my feet by either.

In my defense for abandoning the blog and the books, I just had too much fun on this beach to spend too much time reading.

And now I am off reading Acacia which is a pretty hefty tome. So my reading goals are flailing behind, but the summer is still young and hopefully the blogging rate will pick up later. Until then, adieu!


  1. Shenanigans! You went to the beach without ME?!


    I've never been able to get serious reading done while at the beach; too much other cool stuff to do.

    1. Yep, reading on the beach was a dream, but I had a blast anyways :)