Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Recap

October has been a pitiful month in terms of reading. I only finished one book, Spirits in the Wires by Charles de Lint. I am currently in the middle of reading Cold Magic by Kate Elliott, but while it's a pretty enjoyable and well-paced book, I just can't seem to concentrate on reading for long these days. Instead, I've been watching a lot of TV & movies. I just hope the reading will go better in November.


  1. Sounds like your October mirrored my September. When you land on a dud it can be hard to get your reading mojo back. But watching TV can be good. I've been trying to make myself watch the last season of House but haven't yet found the drive.

  2. I am watching the latest season of House now. It's pretty decent, though I think I liked the previous season better. I like some of the new crew on the latest season though.

  3. Just watched the first episode... it felt familiar, but was fun nonetheless.