Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Boy Book, The Treasure Map of Boys, and Real Live Boyfriends

Titles: The Boy Book, The Treasure Map of Boys, Real Live Boyfriends
Author: E. Lockhart
Series: Ruby Oliver, books 2 - 4
Genre: Young Adult
Published: 2006, 2009, 2010

Recommendation: The rest of Ruby Oliver quartet is just as fun as the first book.
Rating: 7/10

Summary: Ruby's saga continues over the next 3 years of her high school experience.

Reactions: Having read the first book in the series, I decided that the rest would be fun as well. Unfortunately I couldn't find the sequels in a local bookstore, so I decided to continue reading in my Kindle app. I found myself relieved because the second book switched the footnotes formatting to make them easier to navigate, however books 3 & 4 returned to the original formatting. "Ag." as Ruby would say.

I couldn't imagine myself writing separate reviews for the three books though. It would probably take me longer to write the reviews than to read the books themselves. All three were quite a breeze to read and I gobbled them up without pause.

There's something strangely addictive about these books. I got involved in Ruby's life, her progress in making herself a better person, her parents' contentious relationship, and her boy drama. So I've read the rest of the series and was pleased to see Ruby grow, but at the same continue having adventures as ever. All in all, it was good fun.

In a way I regret getting these novels as ebooks. I doubt I would re-read them, but I can imagine giving them to a teenager and sharing the fun I've had reading the books. I am looking forward to the time when there will be an easy way to do so with ebooks. Meanwhile I have to pick what to read next...


  1. I can see why they would be addicting, they sound really fun. And the covers you picture are super-fun! I know what you mean about sharing books and the advent of e-readers. One of the many things I don't like about the advance of technology's effect on publishing and the book market.

  2. On the other hand, I think I may need to buy some shelves since I am starting to really squeeze books into the existing ones. So perhaps e-reader is the good choice in that sense.

  3. That is true...I just can't get past the experience of having a book in my hand. No matter how they tailor an e-book reader, it won't ever "feel" the same as it does to turn actual pages, to look ahead and see when a chapter or short story ends, to drink in the smell of ink and paper. I'm not ready to give up that part of the experience.