Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Title: Mockingjay
Author: Suzanne Collins
Series: The Hunger Games, book 3
Genre: YA fiction
Published: 2010

Recommendation: A wrap up of the story, worth reading as such.
Rating: 7.5/10

Summary: The Quarter Quell is over and Katniss is brought into District 13 for her new life as a rebel. There she is expected to become the symbol of the ongoing revolution of the districts against the Capitol. Still, Peeta is imprisoned by President Snow but kept alive as a way to control Katniss. The war escalates, but who will be the winner?

Reactions: This is the third and the final book in The Hunger Games trilogy. I was looking forward to seeing the resolution to all the plot lines started in book 2. The book does wrap up many of them, but at the end I finished the book somewhat disappointed. I think the resolution of the love triangle is what I'd want it to be, but at the same time seems to be too perfect given all the events of the book. In fact, my biggest criticism of the ending is how easily Katniss got out of her political troubles and that her actions made that much of a difference.

There are parts of the book I enjoyed though. The plot moved quite well and there were interesting character and relationship developments throughout. Lots of bleak scenes that set the mood very well and contrasting warmth of various friendships made them so much more touching. In particular, there's a scene in the book where Peeta and Gale discuss whom Katniss is going to choose with Katniss eavesdropping and the moment is captured really well by the author.

I also wish the author didn't feel the need to return to the Hunger Games type scenario for the third time. It just seemed like a little bit too much. Nevertheless, I am glad I got to finish the series -- it's been fun reading it, though I still like the first book best.

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